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Zolie at CAL Taxidermy Department

Taxidermy Department at CAL

After missing the deadline for preschool (a week after I met Kyrsten) we thought we should get the jump on college for Zolie so we took her to CalDay to sign her up for college. We thought she might like taxidermy but she was visibly disturbed by all the dead stuff. She was back to her happy self once we found some live things (bunnies, lizards, and these great stick bugs).



Todd’s Blue and Green Ball

The Blue and Green Ball benefit for Todd Blair went off spectacularly. It seems as if no one was exhibiting how super exhausted they were at 3AM when I left after packing up in the rain. There are many descriptions in the comments section of Todd’s blog, so please take a look at that. I can only hope that something that big and intense can be felt half-way around the world in a hospital in Amsterdam.

Kitty Names

I’ve named the kitties.  Mao Mao and Kung Pow.

Kittens and little miss

  1. Some of you might know this, but we returned from Burning Man (yes, I am STILL working on a gallery of those pictures to put up) to the literal caterwauling of 6 teeny kittens. It seems their feral mama either abandoned them or, more likely, met an untimely end. So what could we do but feed them from bottles 3 OR 4 TIMES A DAY. They are now 10 or 11 weeks old and very healthy, although one disappeared in the middle of the night. Last week, Nathan and Carly took one (Jacks) and her sweet sister and her roommate from New York took another (Piju). Then Julie from work took the runt (Jeffy). It seems as of we are keeping the last 2. Poor kitties, they have Zolie to deal with! We just shout “run!” to them everytime she spies them and starts squealing and running their way.

The 2 we have, we’re working on names

dsc_0808.jpg baby Godzilla!

Zolie loves Todd Blair

Our friend and Jon’s long-time SRL collaborator was critically injured after the SRL show when we were all in Amsterdam. He is still in serious condition in a hospital in the Netherlands. Todd is a wonderful person, so please send healing thoughts, prayers, whatever moves you to help him come out of his coma. If you would like to keep up with the news of Todd, his wonderful partner Alex, Amy, and others continue to update a blog about his progress.

You can view it here.

Hello world!

Yes, Hello World! That is what Miss Zolie Mae said on June 28th, 2006. She thought it was time to start a page to keep all her fans updated.

First Day