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There are quite a few photos of lil Miss Zolie Mae at Maker Faire over at her dadda’s site. jonsarriugarte.com.

We had quite a time! Zolie loved being in the middle of all the hustle and bustle that is Makers Faire and had fun camping in “her little house” (our vintage trailer). There were 65,000 that came through the gate and her father and I did 5 shows over the 2 days. Of course we have to work in an act for Zolie, as she is quite the ham. And yes, she discovered the power of microphones. Whenever we weren’t onstage performing, Zolie would climb up the steps and start dancing for whoever was watching. If she saw some other toddlers, she would instruct them that they had to join her to dance — loudly and over the PA system. But she did get a small dancing crowd of little people up there!

Of course Zolie gets all the other little tykes up to dance.

Zolie even got the joy of spending overnight with grandma and grandpa, so it was a great weekend all around!

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