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Busing the kids

I dropped off Zolie at her preschool today and though it would be nice to stay for the their walk day. Little did I know we were going for a bus ride! Zemaya and Adam are braver than I am to take on such an adventure with so many kids! We had a great time, sang songs, waved too much at strangers, pretended to feed the ducks (they were not amused) played in the play ground, shouted very loud “HI” to all the moms, and walked back just in time to make the bus back. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest. I had fun. Thanks to APS!


Waiting for the late bus


Bye, wish us luck!



More Pictures of the day

Zolie Mae & Quincy Nola’s 3rd Birthday Party!

Great 3rd birthday with the girls and their friends and family. The Snail was a big hit and the food and cupcakes were over the top! Glad we got to share it with Quincy and her family.

More pictures

Then on her Birthday day we all went to the Pride Parade and won a ribbon!


More on that event

Power Tool Drag Races

Zolie had a great time with dad and Alan loading the race car and setting up at the track. She was so cute in her little cowboy hat and her dirty knees. Dad ended up winning, and Zolie gave him a big hug and said Yeaaaaaa!


Maker Faire

our next star

There are quite a few photos of lil Miss Zolie Mae at Maker Faire over at her dadda’s site. jonsarriugarte.com.

We had quite a time! Zolie loved being in the middle of all the hustle and bustle that is Makers Faire and had fun camping in “her little house” (our vintage trailer). There were 65,000 that came through the gate and her father and I did 5 shows over the 2 days. Of course we have to work in an act for Zolie, as she is quite the ham. And yes, she discovered the power of microphones. Whenever we weren’t onstage performing, Zolie would climb up the steps and start dancing for whoever was watching. If she saw some other toddlers, she would instruct them that they had to join her to dance — loudly and over the PA system. But she did get a small dancing crowd of little people up there!

Of course Zolie gets all the other little tykes up to dance.

Zolie even got the joy of spending overnight with grandma and grandpa, so it was a great weekend all around!

Zolie at CAL Taxidermy Department

Taxidermy Department at CAL

After missing the deadline for preschool (a week after I met Kyrsten) we thought we should get the jump on college for Zolie so we took her to CalDay to sign her up for college. We thought she might like taxidermy but she was visibly disturbed by all the dead stuff. She was back to her happy self once we found some live things (bunnies, lizards, and these great stick bugs).





OK, it’s been far too long between the postings of a Zolie Mae update. I’ve been a very busy mama working and trying to get back into dancing. So of course the pictures I’m going to post have pictures of the little miss at the largest belly dance festival in America. She LOVED it. See the little blue outfit? Even today she had to have it on for a while. She points to her cupboard and says “Mama, dancing.” Which means, put my cute costume on me and turn on some music.

The photos show her taking over the festival, a couple of pictures of us dancing in our cute costumes (which I designed), and then Zolie trying to fit in with the group after us. Later, she peformed an interpretive winged veil dance in the shopping aisles for a growing adoring crowd. Oh dear, what have I wrought?

Todd’s Blue and Green Ball

The Blue and Green Ball benefit for Todd Blair went off spectacularly. It seems as if no one was exhibiting how super exhausted they were at 3AM when I left after packing up in the rain. There are many descriptions in the comments section of Todd’s blog, so please take a look at that. I can only hope that something that big and intense can be felt half-way around the world in a hospital in Amsterdam.


The whole family went over to Grandma and Grandpa Mate’s for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful that Auntie Jolene and her dog Sadie could make it as well. Everyone but poor Grandma took a short walk before we had the traditional Turkey dinner. All in all it was a lovely visit.

Camping at Jason and Shannon’s again!

This time, we went up there for Jason and Shannon’s combined 40th birthday party. Holy Toledo! It was a fabulous party. As always, Shannon was the hostess with the mostess and made yummy food and of course a wonderful pina colada pineapple upside down cake. The entertainment for the evening was “redneck machine ballet” No, I am not kidding. Jason had an old car that he stripped all the plastic out of, then he filled it with wood. Justin had brought up his armadillo-like robot Darwin; so Justin with Darwin and Jason in a huge backhoe danced around the car on fire completely smashing it. I guess you just had to have been there. Or maybe pictures would suffice.

Kitty Names

I’ve named the kitties.  Mao Mao and Kung Pow.